It’s my hypocrisy
When I tell others I respect their opinions, like it’s a democracy
But when I actually only listen to my own self, like an autocracy
When convincing me with your opinions, is like trying to work a useless bureaucracy

I’m a hypocrite
When I value judge others and tell who is wrong and who is legitimate

I often do pretend what I’m not
Only to cover up my own weak spot
But still only I can lecture you on how to behave, more often than not
When I myself cannot

Only I have the liberty to profess a belief, a feeling or virtue, which I actually don’t even hold
But you do any mistake and see how my judgments on you unfold

I’m a hypocrite,
Cos I have the freedom to say anything behind your back
But when you face me, ‘you’re the best believe me, without you I’ll have a heart attack’

When I look around, I see lot many people like myself
Many of us believe that wrongs isn’t wrong, if it’s done by nice people like our self
Most of what I see, is that everyone is willing to be a fool himself
But he can’t bear, to have anyone else to be a fool thyself

I see things around me and I get amaze
How hypocrites like me, interpret things in our own convenient ways

Say, If I’m an ARAB, a shooting by me will be considered as an act of terror
Same thing If I repeat being a WHITE, don’t worry it’s just considered a Judgment error

If I were a nun, I can cover myself from head to toe and considered a devotee of God
Same thing if I repeat as MUSLIM women, my beliefs are then orthodox, depressed and odd

Is it not hypocrisy to fight for getting the peace?
It’s like saying I’m screwing you, to save my virginity for press release

I once read hypocrite is like that sinner
Who is hollow from the Inner.

He’s the man who murdered both his parents, by overdosing them with morphine
And then pleads for mercy, on the grounds that he is an orphan

I’m Intelligent enough to know when I judge someone; it does not define him or her, but me
But why should I accept this, cos that will make me Normal, Liberated and Free

@Created & Authored by : Anup D.


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